This Sunday The Hayes Church will meet at All Saints Church Hall, Church Road, Kenley CR8 5DU (only 5 minutes from The Kenley Memorial Hall!)

After a warm welcome and some worship we'll first be finding out from each other whether we've had any situations over the past week where there was an opportunity to speak about, or act in witness to, Jesus (whether we took this opportunity or not doesn't matter - did we spot any situations?).  Then we'll be looking at Jesus' words: 'I am the Light of the world' - what did he mean?  Why did he say this to the people then?  And what does this mean for our world today?  (John 8.12)  This will be followed by time to pray for our world through his Light, with prayer stations.  And then we'll gather to share bread and wine together and remember what Jesus did for our world (Holy Communion).  Everyone is welcome!